Importance of Park to Our Health

The park has leisure amenities that are always clean and free to access for everyone. Aside from health, going to a park will provide happiness because we can try many activities, meet new people, and feel the positivity of the place that can enhance our moods.

Mental, Physical and Spiritual Health

Going to the park is helpful to ensure that our physical, mental, and soul is healthy.

  • Mental Health

Going to the park is effective to remove our worries from our stressful days. It will help us to make our brains more functional, and it makes our moods better.

  • Physical Health

There are many activities we can experience that will serve as the exercise to our body. We will be able to meet other people and socialize with us to make us feel more comfortable being a participant of a certain activity.

  • Spiritual Health

The park allows us to connect to nature and reflect. It will help us to nourish our souls and prevent the pain to stop us from being happy.

Physical Activity

The place has a green landscape that challenges us to do hiking, riding a boat, picnic, and meditation.

  • Hiking

Hiking with our family or friends is the best to make our body stronger, or see the view of the whole area of the park. Hiking is a simple way of exercise that will promote us to be physically fit.

  • Riding A Boat

We will experience how it feels when we are in the boat, see the bodies of water and the beauty of the park in another view.

  • Picnic

When we are with our family or friends, we can have a picnic. It is important that we have a picnic blanket so that we can sit on it and place the food there.

  • Meditation

If we want to meditate, we can perform it effectively since the things around us are green plants and there is a refreshing air to relax.

Health Equity

Walking around the park can help us to become healthier. This prevents us from suffering from malnutrition and obesity. Being a participant in the activities in the park and help to make us stronger and have a Vitamin D in our body.


The doctor is highly recommending a visit to the park to their patients. This is true for those who encounter depression and another sickness because the place will surely improve their psychological aspect to make them feel better.

The park is a green landscape that is made for a purpose. It improves health and brings the joy that we can treasure for the rest of our lives.