Fun Family Activity Ideas

While theme parks are our passion, we do realize that taking our families across the country each weekend to a new theme park is not realistic! So we have come up with some of the best, and most fun family activities that you can get started with this weekend for free or at a very low cost! Hope you have fun, and do let us know what your favorite weekend family activity is – we might even share it with our audience if we like your plan!

Face Painting

face-paintingFace painting is a world of fun, and is very cheap to do. The idea is that each family member picks an animal and has their faces painted.

It’s not only a lot of fun for the kids (and parents) but it really fosters creativity. The best way to develop creativity in your children is to let them choose which animal they want to be and let them paint a face as well. They might mess up, it might be terrible, but at least everyone is having fun. Don’t take it too seriously!

You could even put on a family show once you’re done painting. Again this really fosters creativity in your kids, and it creates some great memories. Don’t forget to take a family selfie and depending on how weird you all look, you might want to keep the pictures to yourself … or share them with their friends!


The first time I heard of this activity, I didn’t see the fun in it. But while the face painting fosters creativity, this one creates compassion. One of the best ways to teach your children the importance of helping others is to volunteer together as a family. You get to spend some quality time together while helping others. You could give away old toys to less fortunate children, or volunteer at a church event. There are plenty of places that could use the help from your family.


Everyone loves a picnic. Spend some time with the family outdoors on a beautiful summers day, while having a picnic. Prepare the food beforehand with your children, and get them to cook their own favorite foods. This is a lot of fun, especially for the kids! Adults might not like it so much as they have to do the cleaning up.

Bring some games, a few racquets and a football to increase the fun. This is a great way to spend time with the wider family or even bring other families along. This is one of my favorite ways to spend a Sunday afternoon.